Movie Review: ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ (2017)

Spider-Man Homecoming

Tom Holland Finally Proves You Can Be A Great Peter Parker AND Spider-Man & Michael Keaton Soars As The Vulture   In the last fifteen years, three men have worn the red spandex and played the part of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield were both decent as the web slinger, but neither actor was able to get both Peter and his alter-ego’s personality down perfectly for the complete package. Maguire was a better Spider-Man, while Garfield was a better Peter. However, in Spider-Man: Homecoming Tom Holland manages to prove you can be both a great Peter and a great Spidey […]

‘Venom’ Will Finally Bring Carnage To The Big Screen As Villain

Venom Carnage

Combined With The Casting of Tom Hardy, Venom Gets Even More Inticing With Adding Carnage   When news first hit that Sony was making a standalone Venom film that wouldn’t include Spider-Man, I was skeptical of the concept. So were a lot of a people. Then Sony cast Tom Hardy to play Eddie Brock. Additionally, Amy Pascal made the claim that maybe Venom isn’t so far from the Marvel Cinematic Universe after all. We just talked about this a couple days ago if you missed it. I’ve been saying for a while that all Sony needs to do is throw […]

E3 2017: Sony Conference Roundup

Sony Conference Spider-Man

Sony May Not Have An Upgraded Console But Their Exclusives Look Awesome   Wrapping up Monday at E3 2017, the Sony Conference presentation showed off a bunch of new exclusives coming to the PS4. Including some familiar IPs and some new adventures and stories to tell. From another Uncharted experience in the jungles of India to the concrete jungle of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Sony has plenty of games coming soon to keep their fans busy. Check it out!   Destiny 2   The Massively Multiplayer Online Game First Person Shooter Destiny gets a sequel. Hopefully, this time around Bungie and Activision can […]

Sony Releases Two More ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Trailers

Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer 3 Tom Holland

If You Already Plan To See It You Should Skip ‘Em, Once Again They Show Too Much   So it doesn’t look like Sony is backing off from revealing pretty much all of Spider-Man: Homecoming through the trailers. The studio released two more trailers this morning, one domestic and one international. Like the previous trailers, they show way too much of the movie. Save something for the theaters! You’ve been warned! Nevertheless, here they are.    Now, that International Trailer seemed alright after the first viewing. However, the more I think about it, the more I think it gives away pretty […]

Watch the First Clip from ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

Spider-Man Homecoming

Looks Like Peter Parker’s Alter Ego is Out of the Bag! Hope He Can Keep Secret…   Last night, during the MTV Movie Awards another exclusive movie clip premiered.  This time for Sony’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, the first film that’s part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe featuring the hero on his own.  While the clip isn’t too exciting or particularly new, we’ve already seen a small piece of it in the trailers, it’s still entertaining! Check it out: “You’re the Spiderman!” Here’s your first look at a brand new @SpiderManMovie clip, exclusively from the #MTVAwards airing right now! — MTV (@MTV) May […]

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is in ‘Avengers 4’

Spider-Man: Homecoming Avengers

Holland’s Peter Parker Will Appear in Four Movies Over the Next Three Years…   Monday was a big day in the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  While screening Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, many of the press also took a tour of Marvel Studios.  Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter Marvel President Kevin Feige revealed that Spider-Man would make an appearance in Avengers 4.  The untitled film is scheduled for release in 2019. This means that for the next three years Tom Holland will appear as Spider-Man in at least four films.  Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters this July and […]

Animated Miles Morales ‘Spider-Man’ Movie Finds Cast


With Tom Holland Slinging Webs as Peter Parker, Sony Finds their Miles Morales Voice…   Sony may have given Peter Parker back to Marvel for Spider-Man: Homecoming and future Avenger films.  However, they are currently working on many various other Spider-Man projects.  One includes an animated film featuring Miles Morales as the web-slinger.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony has cast Shameik Moore as the voice of Morales.  You may recognize the actor if you’ve ever seen The Get Down or Dope. Furthermore, THR reports that Liev Schreiber has been signed on to voice the villain of the animated Spider-Man […]

The ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Trailer is Spectacular

Spider-Man Homecoming

Trailer Shows Big Screen Redemption of Peter Parker Is At Hand, But Shows Too Much…   Sony and Marvel just gave us the second trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming.  The action-adventure film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe looks spectacular.  However, if you don’t want to see too much of the film, steer clear. This trailer gives away too much plot detail.  Just take my word for it, you’ll want to see some of these moments on the big screen opening night. If you’ve seen the past Spider-Man films in theaters and felt disappointed about the recent films, don’t worry.  Homecoming […]

Could Sony’s ‘Venom’ Launch A Spider-Man Film Multiverse?


Those Familiar With The Comics Know There Are Various Spider-Man Characters   Recent news from Collider reveals the new Venom movie will be a Rated-R.  The film is also Sony’s plans to relaunch their own Marvel universe.  Peter Parker is on loan to Marvel Studios for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and his own film, Spider-man: Homecoming, releases in July.  This likely means that the Venom film will take place in a separate universe than the MCU. Sony still completely owns the rights to the Spider-man likeness on film.  However, for Spider-man to show up in this new universe that Venom will create, […]

‘Spider-man: Homecoming’ Trailer Teaser – Full Trailer Tomorrow

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Hey, Look, Another Trailer Teaser for a Comic Book Movie. We’ve Got Posters Too! Over the past few days, Marvel has released three new movie posters for Spider-man: Homecoming.  The first film featuring Tom Holland as Spider-man after he had a small part in Captain America: Civil War.  You can check those out in the gallery below.  Today, Sony Pictures and Marvel just released a very short teaser for the film’s trailer that drops tomorrow. Check it out: Take flight. A new #SpiderManHomecoming trailer is landing tomorrow. — Spider-Man (@SpiderManMovie) March 27, 2017 I told you it was short! […]