‘Alien: Covenant’ Blu-ray Will Have 12 Deleted & Extended Scenes

Alien Covenant Blu-ray

In Just Over A Month You Can Watch All These Scenes You’ll Probably Wish Made The Final Cut   Alien: Covenant may have only hit theaters a few short months ago, but the home video release is imminent. If you still haven’t seen the film, the wait isn’t too much longer to catch it from the comfort of your couch. Check out our review of the film here. As a fan of the Alien franchise, my feelings about the film are a mixed bag. However, with the news that the Blu-ray release will include twelve deleted and/or extended scenes, I […]

‘Blade Runner 2049’ May Settle Original Film’s Longest Debate

Blade Runner 2049 Harrison Ford Ryan Gosling Replicant

Is Harrison Ford’s Deckard a Replicant? Ridley Scott says Blade Runner 2049 Will Reveal  the Truth   Since 1982, fans of Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic Blade Runner have been debating whether the hero Rick Deckard was a replicant or not. Scott left clues on both sides of the argument for Harrison Ford’s character. Now, in an interview with IGN, Scott says Denis Villeneuve’s new sequel, Blade Runner 2049, will settle the debate once and for all. IGN asks Scott, “At what point while making the original film did you decide that Deckard would be a Replicant?” Here’s his answer: “Oh, it was always my […]

M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Tales from the Crypt’ TNT Resurrection Dead

Tales from the Crypt Reboot

TNT Will Switch from a Planned Horror Block to Sci-Fi with Ridley Scott’s Help   Sad news for Horror and Tales from the Crypt fans. M. Night Shyamalan’s plans to resurrect the horror anthology series at TNT are dead. Apparently getting the legal rights to the show was too difficult for the network. Rather than wait years for the rights availability to clear up, the network will instead switch their plans. The two-hour block of horror content will now become a sci-fi block. Trading Shyamalan for Ridley Scott. Here’s what TNT President Kevin Reilly had to say to Deadline about the issues […]

Movie Review: ‘Alien: Covenant’ (2017)

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Ridley Scott Gives Both Alien & Prometheus Fans A Little Of Everything They Want   Director Ridley Scott is back to give us another horrifying tale in the Alien universe. Alien: Covenant is equal parts Prometheus sequel and Alien prequel. Acknowledging his mistakes with the last chapter, Prometheus, Scott continues the thread he starts with that film. However, he gives fans what they are really clamoring for. More Xenomorphs. Scott successfully creates a film that outshines its predecessor, yet it still falls short of the films that began the franchise. Taking place ten years after Prometheus, Alien: Covenant tells the story of a group of colonists on a mission […]

Review Rewind: ‘Prometheus’ (2012)


Big Things Have Small Beginnings… Like The Alien Franchise & This Prequel…   In our final look back at the past films of the Alien franchise, we take a look at the 2012 Ridley Scott film Prometheus. If you want to check out our reviews in the franchise here are links to our Alien – Retro Review and Aliens – Retro Review. Prometheus is the first film by director Ridley Scott since he launched the franchise back in 1979. While not as great as the first two films in the saga, the film does bring forth questions that left fans asking for more. Taking place […]

Ridley Scott Teases Two More ‘Alien’ Movies

Alien Ridley Scott Alien Covenant

The First ‘Alien: Covenant’ Sequel Could Begin Shooting As Early As Next Year…   Ridley Scott has been making the rounds lately promoting his new film, Alien: Covenant.  Once upon a time, Scott said he would never make another Alien film and that Prometheus, while part of the franchise as a pseudo-prequel, would not include a trademark Xenomorph.  Speaking with Yahoo!, the director admits he got Prometheus wrong.  Thankfully, the director has changed his mind about making another Alien film and now seems gung-ho about continuing the franchise past Covenant. Here’s what he had to say about Prometheus: “What changed was the reaction to […]

Retro Review: ‘Aliens’ (1986)

Aliens Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver Returns As Ripley To Fight Aliens & This Time It’s All Out War   We’re back with another Retro Review as part of our special Alien Franchise edition.  Last week, we reviewed the film that started it all, Ridley Scott’s sci-fi/horror classic Alien.  Now it’s time to jump back into the year 1986, with the second film of the series, James Cameron’s Aliens. Director James Cameron takes over the reins of the franchise and does what he does best make some of the greatest sequels of all time.  Along with T2: Judgement Day, Aliens is one of the few films […]

Ryan Gosling & Harrison Ford Get New ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Posters

Blade Runner 2049 Posters

Based On The Posters Deckard & Officer K Might Be On Different Spectrums In The Film   Sir Ridley Scott brought us the original Blade Runner film nearly 35 years ago in 1982.  Later this year, Harrison Ford returns as Rick Deckard in the highly anticipated follow up Blade Runner 2049.  Joining Ford is a newcomer to the franchise Ryan Gosling as Officer K. The Blade Runner 2049 Official Twitter just released two new posters for each character.  Ford’s Deckard poster has the caption, “You know his past. Discover his future.”  Meanwhile, Gosling’s Officer K poster receives the caption, “A new civilization begins […]

Ridley Scott Kills Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Aliens’ Sequel

Blomkamp Aliens Sequel

It Looks Like Only Ridley Scott Will Be Making ‘Alien’ Films In The Future…   With Alien: Covenant hitting theaters in a few weeks, Director Ridley Scott is doing plenty of interviews.  In a recent interview with French outlet Allocine, Scott pretty much puts an end to Neill Blomkamp’s Aliens sequel.  Blomkamp, the District 9 and Elysium director had plenty of Alien fans excited for his movie pitch. In Blomkamp’s Aliens sequel for James Cameron’s 1986 film Aliens, Ripley, Hicks, and Newt return to take down more Xenomorphs.  The film would essentially ignore Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection.  An idea that many fans of the […]

Check Out This ‘Alien: Covenant’ Prologue Short ‘The Crossing’

The Crossing Alien: Covenant Prometheus

Featuring Michael Fassbender & Noomi Rapace, The Short Connects Prometheus to Covenant   If you haven’t heard yet, it’s Alien Day!!!  Earlier today, Ridley Scott gave Alien fans a little nugget of goodness to keep them satisfied until Alien: Covenant comes out in a few weeks.  The short film simply titled “The Crossing”, features Michael Fassbender as David the android and Noomi Rapace as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw from Prometheus.  It serves as a bridge between the 2012 Alien prequel film and Covenant that lands in May. If you were a fan of Prometheus despite its shortcomings, this little video is a must […]