Monday Launches the Twitch Marathon of ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’

MST3K Twitch

You Can Catch Six Straight Days of MST3K on Twitch Starting Monday, June 26!   Twitch is sort of becoming the go-to place for awesome free TV marathons. Recently, the streaming platform has had marathons of iconic shows like Power Rangers and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Spending endless days playing all those episodes from those series 24/7/. While the next show to receive the Twitch Marathon treatment won’t have all if its shows from start to finish, Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans can enjoy six days of endless movie riffs. The official Shout Factory Twitch channel will stream 38 episodes of the […]

Netflix Releases Hilarious Promos With MST3K’s Crow & Tom Servo

MST3K Crow & Tom Servo

I Don’t Know About You, But I’d Watch All The Shows They Pitch To Netflix   If you haven’t heard by now, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) is back with a whole new 14-episode season on Netflix.  Also, if you haven’t heard that by now, what rock are you living under?  Seriously, go read this review of the reboot and then head over to Netflix and binge the heck out of those B-movie riffers. If that review isn’t enough to convince you, try this out.  Netflix just put out a flock of videos featuring the wisecracking robots Crow and Tom Servo. […]

‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Riffs ‘Stranger Things’

Strangest Things

Fans of Stranger Things and MST3K Should Love This… Fans Of Both?  Even Better!   Stranger Things is by far one of the best shows Netflix has ever produced, it’s still perfect for Riffing.  That’s exactly what the stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000 – The Return do best, riffing science fiction movies.  Jonah, Tom Servo, and Crow take a stab at mocking the best thing they’ve ever laid eyes on.  You can’t help but laugh because everything they say is spot-on and hilarious. Check it out: While it’s only a short little clip, it’s a perfect promo for both […]

Four Days, Four ‘MST3K’ Episodes To Help Prepare For Season 11


The New MST3K Season Hits Friday, Here Are Four Episodes To Watch To Get Yourself Ready   The revival season of the cult classic television series Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3k) is nearly here!  In just four days everyone with a Netflix subscription will have movie sign.  I got a chance to watch the first episode of the new season early and I can tell you that you are all in for a treat.  Check out my review over here. Now, to get you ready for the new season I narrowed down four episodes for you to watch over the next […]

TV Review: ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Is Back And Better Than Ever!


It May Have Been Gone Nearly 20 Years But The Show Returns Without Losing Its Stride   Mystery Science Theater 3000 – 11.01 – ‘Reptilicus’ As Original Backer #19761, today I had the opportunity to watch the first episode of Season 11 of Mystery Science Theater 3000(MST3K).  I have great news.  The MST3K you know and love is back.  Dare I even say… It’s better than ever! As a lifelong fan of the show, I was cautiously optimistic about the revival season of one of my favorite shows.  On the old show, I preferred Mike in the theater and most […]

The Trailer For Mystery Science Theater 3000 Is Here!

Mystery Science Theater 3000

We’ve Got Movie Sign! Netflix Releases First Look At The New Season Of MST3K!   Netflix just pushed the button and gave us the first trailer for the Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot.  Crow and Tom Servo are back and this Heston guy doesn’t know what he’s in for.  Check it out: The 40-second clip is just enough to whet our appetite for more.  Lucky for us the wait isn’t much longer.  New Episodes of MST3K premiere on April 14, 2017!  Just looking at this short highlight of what is to come, there is no doubt the new crew was […]

Classic Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episodes Hit Netflix Tomorrow

MST3K Twitch

A Month Before The New Season Premieres Netflix Preps Fans With Classic Episodes…   According to the Official Mystery Science Theater 3000 Facebook page, 20 Classic episodes are coming to Netflix tomorrow.  Just in time to wet your whistle as you prepare for the new season that premieres on April 14, 2017. The twenty classic episodes feature both hosts, Joel and Mike, and include fan favorites such as “Manos” The Hands of Fate and Puma Man.  Check out the full list of episodes below and mark your calendars.  You got a month to watch these before new episodes debut. The […]