The Top 10 Best Shark Movies Ever

Top 10 Shark Movies

Stay Outta The Water & Sit On The Couch, It’s Safer! Plus You Can Watch These…   With 47 Meters Down hitting theaters this weekend, we thought we’d take a look at our favorite shark movies and narrow down our Top 10 favorites. From so bad they’re good movies, to truly great works of art, this list has everything a good shark flick fan would want, to pass a summer weekend on the couch. Check it out! The Top 10 Best Shark Movies Ever! #10 – Great White aka The Last Shark (1981) There’s a lot of controversy around this Italian Jaws rip-off. […]

Our 10 Top Favorite Archae-Action Movies of All-Time

Archea-Action Movies Archeaology Action

What Happens When You Mix Archeology With Action? Some Great Movies, That’s What!   With Tom Cruise crashing into theaters with another remake of The Mummy this weekend, we thought we’d do a little countdown. An Archaeology Action Movie Countdown! Or as we like to call them, Archae-Action Movies. Whether it’s Nazi punching archaeologists or twin pistol wielding tomb raiders, we love Archae-Action Movies. So here it is… Our Top 10 Favorite Archae-Action Movies of All-Time #10 – Secret of the Incas (1954) Secret of the Incas features a theater jacket and fedora wearing hero. No, it’s not Indiana Jones. It’s Harry Steele played […]

Our Top 10 Female DC Comics Heroes

Top 10 Female DC Comics Heroes

We Narrow Down Our All-Time Favorite Heroines in the DC Comics Universe… With Wonder Woman hitting theaters this weekend we thought we’d count down our favorite DC Comics super heroes. So we dug deep in the halls of history and narrowed down who we felt was worthy to make our list. Find out where your favorites land… or maybe they got the snub. Can you guess who our #1 heroine is? We also did a Top 10 List for Marvel Heroines,. Don’t want them to feel left out. So here it is… Our Top 10 Favorite Female DC Comics Heroes! […]

Our Top 10 Female Marvel Comics Heroes

Top 10 Femal Marvel Heroes

We Narrow Down Our All-Time Favorite Heroines in the Marvel Comics Universe   While Wonder Woman may not be a Marvel hero, we felt we couldn’t do a list for DC Comic Female Heroes without giving the Marvel women their due justice. So we dug deep into the archives of Marvel Comics and narrowed down who we thought were worthy of being our favorites. Both in comics and on film. So here it is. Our Top 10 Favorite Female Marvel Heroes! #10 – Elektra First recognized as the love interest of Daredevil, Elektra is a highly trained assassin who wields a pair […]

Our Top 10 US War Movies To Watch On Memorial Day

Top 10 US War Movies

We Salute The Men & Women Who’ve Made The Ultimate Sacrifice For Our Country   Every year, we take a day of rest as a nation and remember the great men and women who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. As American Flags line the gardens of stone, we take this time to thank all past and present members of the United States Armed Services. In honor of this day, we take a look at some of the greatest War movies every produced. Our Top 10 US War Movies To Watch On Memorial Day #10 – Hacksaw […]

Our Top 20 Most Anticipated 2017 Summer Movies

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Check Out Our 2017 Summer Movie Preview And Figure Out Which Movies You Need To See   It’s May, which means it’s time for the 2017 Summer Blockbuster Movie Season to begin!  Our ‘Supchucks Movie Council’ took a long hard look at the movies coming out over the next few months and ranked them based on how bad we want to see them.  With only about fifteen weekends to see movies and plenty of releases happening each week, it can be hard to decide what to see.  Hopefully, this list will help you figure out what movies you need to […]

Our Top 20 Favorite 90s Sitcoms!

90s Sitcoms

See Where Your Favorite 90s Situation Comedy Ends Up On Our List, If It Makes It…   The 1990s was perhaps one of the best decades for television when it comes to sitcoms.  However, that’s always up for debate, right?  Some might say it’s the 1980s or even the 1950s.  Instead of debating that though, we are counting down our Top 20 favorite sitcoms of the 1990s.  See if your favorite comedy makes the list and if it does, where it ranks!   #20 – Murphy Brown (1988-1998) Airing on ABC for nearly 300 episodes, this comedy follows an investigative […]

The Five Worst Hollywood Anime Adaptations


We Hope One Day This List Won’t Include The New ‘Ghost in The Shell’   With Ghost in the Shell hitting theaters this weekend, we’d thought we’d take a look back at the horribly awful live-action adaptations of classic Japanese animes.  Based on the reviews of ‘Ghost in the Shell’, it looks like fans will finally see a faithful and entertaining retelling that lives up to the classic anime film’s standards.  Hopefully, the new film will lead to further successful adaptations of other iconic animes like Akira, Cowboy Bebop, and Evangelion.  Ones you won’t ever find on a list like […]

Our Top 7 Animated Kids Movies Adults Can Enjoy

Animated Shrek

From Ogres to Legos, We Look at Movies that Parents Can Truly Enjoy With Their Kids… With Dreamwork’s Boss Baby hitting theaters this week, we look at a few animated films from the past that can entertain parents just as much as their kids.  A lot of this movies throw in jokes only the parents will understand.  Your kids will look at you funny wondering why you are laughing. #07 – Shrek (2001) A green ogre named Shrek agrees to rescue Princess Fiona for the villainous Lord Farquaad so he can go back to his peaceful life of solitude.  Produced […]

Our Five Favorite Dax Shepard Movies

Dax Shepard

With Dax’s ‘CHiPs’ Releasing Friday We Thought We’d Take A Look Back At His Past…   Somewhere out there, someone’s favorite actor is Dax Shepard.  However, we aren’t talking about his wife Kristen Bell.  She doesn’t count.  We’re talking about that other person.  This one’s for you.   #5 – Employee of the Month (2006) In the Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson romantic comedy, Dax plays the third wheel and rival Vince.  He’s the fastest hands in the Southwest as the head cashier and competes with Cook’s character Zack for the affection of Amy, played by Simpson.  While Cook may […]