‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ Begins Filming & Official Synopsis Revealed

Godzilla Godzilla: King of the Monsters

The King of the Monsters Returns for an Epic Battle Royale Against Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah   While Universal’s cinematic universe involving monsters falters, there’s one MonsterVerse that has seen success and begins production on its next chapter. That’s Legendary Picture’s Godzilla leading and Kong: Skull Island assisting shared MonsterVerse. Godzilla: King of the Monsters begins production in Atlanta today and the film sounds like an action-packed heavyweight bout. Here’s the film’s official synopsis: The new story follows the heroic efforts of the crypto-zoological agency Monarch as its members face off against a battery of god-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who collides […]

Adam Wingard Will Attempt To Tame ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ as Director

Godzilla vs Kong Adam Wingard

The Greatest Versus Movie of All Time Finds the Man to Sit in the Director’s Chair   According to The Hollywood Reporter, Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. has chosen Adam Wingard to lead Godzilla vs. Kong. The King of Monsters vs the King of Skull Island will face off in 2020. If you’re not familiar with Wingard his most recent film in theaters was Blair Witch. The pseudo-reboot/sequel to the classic horror found footage film The Blair Witch Project. Wingard is an interesting choice for director of the giant monster face-off movie. Most of his resume consists of horror films, including Blair Witch, segments in […]

‘King Kong: Skull Island’ TV Series Coming Soon

King Kong

The King Finds A Queen As Well.  The Series Will Feature A Strong Female Lead…   Fresh off the success of Kong: Skull Island, the King brings his fight to the small screen.  King Kong: Skull Island is a new live-action and contemporary continuation of the story.  While the TV series has a similar title to the film, it is not produced by Warner Bros.  Instead, MarVista and IM Global Television will produce the serialized show. The new story comes from writers Jonathan Penner and Stacy Title.  Recently, they had success with the horror hit, The Bye Bye Man.   The […]

Godzilla Anime Has A Title & Release Date

Godzilla Anime

Toho also releases an awesome poster for the anime.  Still no sight of Godzilla…   Recently, we wrote about the new Godzilla anime coming to Netflix sometime this year.  Crunchyroll is reporting more updates on the animated film today.  The film’s official title is Godzilla: Monster Planet and it will release in Japanese movie theaters in November. The story synopsis gives a few details about the story.  20,000 years in the future, Haruo returns to Earth after humans abandoned the planet after the rise of the giant monsters or Kaiju.  In 2048, the last humans left the planet on an interstellar […]

The Trailer For Mystery Science Theater 3000 Is Here!

Mystery Science Theater 3000

We’ve Got Movie Sign! Netflix Releases First Look At The New Season Of MST3K!   Netflix just pushed the button and gave us the first trailer for the Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot.  Crow and Tom Servo are back and this Heston guy doesn’t know what he’s in for.  Check it out: The 40-second clip is just enough to whet our appetite for more.  Lucky for us the wait isn’t much longer.  New Episodes of MST3K premiere on April 14, 2017!  Just looking at this short highlight of what is to come, there is no doubt the new crew was […]

Toho’s New Godzilla Anime Coming Exclusively To Netflix

Godzilla Anime

Netflix Will Distribute The New Godzilla Animated Movie Worldwide This Summer…   Earlier today, Netflix Japan’s official twitter account announced that Netflix will exclusively distribute the upcoming animated Godzilla feature film.  Produced by Toho Animation and Polygon Pictures, the film, simply titled GODZILLA, will release sometime this summer.  Initial release date is tentatively scheduled for July 2017. Check out the awesome poster celebrating the partnership: With this news giant monster and anime fans alike are rejoicing.  The best part is fans outside of Japan won’t have to wait longer than normal for the film to reach audiences overseas.  Usually fans outside of […]

Movie Review: ‘Kong: Skull Island’ (2017)

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Hold on to your butts! Check out the latest Kong film in this week’s featured film review   Review Summary: Kong: Skull Island is an epic action film in the traditions of the classic B-movies of the 50’s and 60’s.  Only, Kong takes those traditions to the next level and then some.  Anchored by a phenomenal and hilarious performance by John C. Reilly.  When Kong isn’t bringing the action, Reilly is bringing the jokes.  The most original and perhaps best Kong film since the 1933 classic King Kong, Kong: Skull Island is a must see film for Kong fans and action […]

Retro Review: ‘King Kong’ (1976)

King Kong (1976)

With Kong: Skull Island in theaters we’re having a Kong Extravaganza this week.   Sup Chucks, Last week we reviewed Toho’s Japanese Classic, King Kong vs Godzilla (1962), in our weekly Retro Review.  We thought we’d keep the trend going and do another Kong film.  This time we’re reviewing King Kong from 1976, starring King Kong, Jeff Bridges, A Giant Snake, and introducing Jessica Lange. King Kong (1976) Directed by Dino De Laurentiis, King Kong follows the typical Kong story-line for those familiar with the 1933 Classic or the 2005 Peter Jackson remake.  While critics gave the film mixed reviews, moviegoers filled the seats and the film was […]

Retro Review: ‘King Kong vs Godzilla’ (1962)

King Kong vs Godzilla

Before Batman vs Superman & Iron Man vs Captain America there was King Kong vs Godzilla! At the height of Monster Movie Mania in the 1950s and 60s, two juggernauts dominated the hierarchy of the Giant Movie Monster Universe.  On top of one mountain reigned King Kong, from the United States via Skull Island.  Atop the other peak, Godzilla, hailing from Japan.  The Japanese claimed Godzilla was “King of the Monsters” but Kong reigned long before the atom bomb woke Godzilla from his slumber.  Thanks to Toho in Japan, we got the answer to the question everyone in the world […]

Trailer Breakdown: Kong: Skull Island – Final Trailer

King Kong

With just over a week until Kong: Skull Island hits theaters, the final trailer has dropped, and it’s the best one yet. The trailers primary focus: Action and Kong kicking some serious ass. The trailer opens up letting you know that this is a movie that takes place in the 1970s.  First, we meet our hero, played by Tom Hiddleston, in a dive bar full of neon lights telling curious scientists they will likely die going to some uncharted island.  Then, the classic rock song channels the Vietnam feeling as Huey helicopters fly towards the setting sun.  It’s an obvious homage […]