HBO & Cinemax Are Coming To Hulu

Game of Thrones Season 7 Winter is Here

Just In Time For The Season Premiere Of Game Of Thrones Too!   We are days away from the premiere of the seventh season of Game of Thrones and cord cutters are getting some great news. If you’re a subscriber to Hulu, you’ll soon be able to get HBO and Cinemax! For an extra cost of course. The two premium channels will join Showtime who has been providing their content since June 2015. According to The Hollywood Reporter, starting July 15th you can sign up for HBO on Hulu for an additional $15 a month. Cinemax will cost you $10 a month. That’s […]

Final Season of ‘Game of Thrones’ Might Have Feature-Length Episodes

Game of Thrones Season 7 Winter is Here Final Season Feature Length

Get Ready For An Epic Final Season For Game Of Thrones With Feature-Length Episodes   We already know the seventh and penultimate season of Game of Thrones will include the longest episodes of the series to date. Now it’s sounding like the eighth and final season of the HBO series will have feature-length episodes. This rumor comes to us straight from Con of Thrones, the annual Game of Thrones fan convention. At the convention, sound designer for the series, Paula Fairfield, proclaimed that each episode of the eighth season could be in the 80-plus minute range. The finale for season seven is supposed […]

Winter Is Here In This New ‘Game of Thrones’ Season Seven Trailer

Game of Thrones Season 7 Winter is Here

The Song of Ice & Fire Is Starting To Come Together With White Walkers, Dragons, & Plenty of Action   Well, this is unexpected but in the best way. HBO just released another trailer for the seventh season of Game of Thrones. This trailer has plenty of action as Winter is here… Check it out:   We finally see a glimpse of the Night King in action and some of his fellow White Walkers fighting, as Bran’s visions haunt him. Jon Snow talks of all the great families uniting despite their differences to fight the great evil. With the amount of […]

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Has Some Long Episodes

Game of Thrones Season 7 Long Episodes

Sure The Episode Count Is Shorter Than Usual, But They Almost Make Up For It In Minutes   When we first heard the news that the seventh season of Game of Thrones would have a shorter episode count, we were a bit disappointed. However, we thought about it a little bit and with the amount of action, we are expecting that’s probably for the best. The show’s budget isn’t shrinking. Those dollars will just be spent on the exuberant effects and amount of extras needed for the epic battle scenes. Now, thanks to our friends over at Watchers on the Wall, we […]

Stop Everything & Watch This ‘Game of Thrones’ Trailer

Game of Thrones Season Seven Trailer

The Official Season Seven Trailer For The Hit HBO Fantasy Series Has Finally Arrived   The moment all Game of Thrones fans have been waiting for. HBO has finally given us the first real trailer for the seventh season of the hit fantasy series. Holy crap is it awesome. Stop reading this and watch! We see the various thrones at play this season. Cersei in King’s Landing, Dany on Dragonstone, and Jon Snow in Winterfell. That map room Cersei is standing in is flipping awesome. We all thought the map Stannis uses on Dragonstone was cool, the Lanisters have an even […]

This ‘Game of Thrones’ Night King Motion Graphic Is Creepy

Game of Thrones The Night King

Darth Ice Maul Returns For An Ominous Motion Graphic For The HBO Show Yesterday, we got some new images from the seventh season of Game of Thrones thanks to EW. Now HBO has released an ominous motion graphic poster featuring the Night King himself. This is our first hint of the big bad guy showing up in the newest season of the hit show. Winter is Coming! Check out the full effect of the motion graphic here: #GoTS7 begins 7.16 on @HBO. #GameofThrones — Game Of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) May 23, 2017   Here’s a great sized image just perfect for […]

Holy Sh… These New ‘Game of Thrones’ Pictures Look Amazing!

Game of Thrones

We’ve Got Dragons & Snow… Ingredients You Need for a Dance of Fire & Ice   Last month, we got our first look at some pictures from season seven of Game of Thrones .and began theorizing what might happen. Now, thanks to the awesome folks over at Entertainment Weekly, we have a bunch of new photos to help us continue our theories. A while ago, we mentioned the dragons were huge in the newest season of one of our favorite shows. But holy crap, finally seeing Dany on the back of Drogon is insane… This sucker is huge! Check out this gallery of new […]

George R.R. Martin Reveals More ‘Game of Thrones’ Spin-Offs

Game of Thrones Spin-Offs

Last Week We Heard There Were Four Spin-Offs In Development… Now There Are Five!   Author George R.R. Martin took to his blog last night to give fans more details about the Game of Thrones spin-offs in development at HBO.  Last we heard there were four spin-offs in the works with many teams of writers, including Martin himself, working on scripts.  Turns out that’s not the case anymore.  “We had four scripts in development when I arrived in L.A. last week,” says Martin, “but by the time I left we had five. We have added a fifth writer to the original […]

HBO Is Exploring Four Different ‘Game of Thrones’ Spin-Offs

Game of Thrones Season Seven Photos

With ‘Game of Thrones’ Ending In Two Season, HBO Is Looking For What To Do Next   The seventh season of Game of Thrones premieres this July and after that only one season remains in the hit HBO fantasy series.  Looking to keep the franchise going HBO has four teams of writers working on four different projects that could possibly replace their biggest show in history.  Even the creator of Westeros, author George R.R. Martin, is getting in on the fun in creating new spin-offs. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the four projects will explore different time periods of Westeros.  No […]

New ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Photos Reveal A Few Clues

Game of Thrones Season Seven Photos

How Long Will Jaime Stand Beside Cersei? The Hound Sure Does Looks Cold Up North…   When we last left Westeros at the end of season six of Game of Thrones things were really starting to heat up.  Mainly King’s Landing, after Cersei blew the hell out of the Sept of Baelor and killed most of her rivals.  Additionally, things were pretty hot to the East thanks to Daenerys and her dragons.  However, from the looks of the photos that released for the HBO show’s seventh season, the temperature is about to drop. The army of the White Walkers marches South […]