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How Else Do You Spend Your Last Spring Break With Your Friends? A Secluded Cabin In The Woods, Right?


Steve Parker and Jody Wheeler executive produced the new slasher film WTF!, out August 1 from Midnight Releasing. The film stars Callie Ott, Nicolas James Reilly, Andrea Hunt, Benjamin Norris, Sarah Agor, Perez Hilton, Johnny James Fiore, Adam Foster, and Shawn C. Phillips.

Here’s the film’s official synopsis:

Barely surviving a brutal massacre, that left her friends in pieces, Rachel has moved on with her life. She and her friends decide to into a secluded house for the best spring break of their lives, but as Rachel’s biggest fears become a reality once again, only one of them will be alive to post about on Facebook.

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In this exclusive one-on-one yak with Parker, who makes up part of the Cthulhu Crush crew, talks about the long-gestating feature and his next film, Beverly Hills Lizard People.


Supchucks: You produced WTF! but usually, you’re calling the shots. Was there ever a time when you were set to direct?

Steve Parker: From the start this was a script-plus-director deal.  Peter wasn’t down for anything else.

Supchucks: What are the pros and cons of producing someone else’s movie?

Steve Parker: We got a chance to produce a movie that we didn’t have time to direct, so a chance to do an extra project while working on our bigger projects.

Supchucks: What kind of responsibilities did you have on the movie?

Steve Parker: Like several other projects I’ve done, I was executive producer and editor. From the budget to the last frame and sound effect, I was in a place to influence the whole project.

WTF! Steve Parker

Supchucks: How does casting work? Do you have any say there?

Steve Parker: Peter had done most of the casting on his own.  The last couple of difficult casting calls we weighed in to help break the ties.

When you’re casting and building up crews, you have to have the director’s buy-in because if you don’t you hobble the director on-set from doing their best.

Supchucks: Is this the first major film you’ve done? If so, did you think it’d be easier or harder than what it was?

Steve Parker: This is my third feature, and is actually the smallest budget and simplest production of any of them. Judas Kiss and The Dark Place were bigger movies. Hopefully, this draws from a bigger market, so in that way, I hope this is bigger than those ultimately.

WTF! Steve Parker

Supchucks: How long ago did you get involved in WTF?

Steve Parker: Five years ago.

Supchucks: Was the film inspired by a real-life case?

Steve Parker: You’ll have to ask Peter—only he knows!

Supchucks: Can you tell us what’s next for you?

Steve Parker: In Spring of 2018, Cthulhu Crush is producing Beverly Hills Lizard People.  Everything you ever thought about Beverly Hills is true—They are lizard people, they are hungry, and we do taste like chicken.

Supchucks: Awesome! Can’t Wait. Thanks again, Steve.


You can watch WTF! now on VOD! Available on iTunes, Google Play, Steam, VUDU, Amazon Prime, and Fandango Now.

Now You Know Whassup, Chucks!

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