Justin Price Alien: Reign of Man

Alien: Reign of Man Reminds You Space Is Cold, Bright, Sometimes Dark, & Pretty Scary…

The strengths of Justin Price’s Alien: Reign of Man lie in the awesome production design and excellent special effects. When you consider the budget for a small time independent science picture such as this, the special effects looking this great make the film a successful work of art. However, where the film struggles is on the narrative side of things. Combine that with the quality of acting you’d expect from a movie like this, Alien: Reign of Man has a hard time setting itself apart from the pack. Despite the negatives, the film is still a fun little adventure.

The film revolves around a team of astronauts fighting to save the planet. The small team must restore the now icy Earth to its former glory. As they search for an ancient machine they must activate to restore the planet they are constantly fighting off deadly aliens. Between the deadly aliens, the harsh climate, and their own inner demons, adversity is around every corner.

Alien: Reign of Man

While the acting is, as I said, what you’d expect from a low budget film, when you rec0gnize the conditions these actors had to work in, I give them props for being able to act as well as they did. This film looks cold from start to finish and it was filmed in the harsh conditions of Northern Ireland, Iceland, and Finland. That’s all real snow! With the actors wearing practically nothing but modified wetsuits, they had to be freezing during most of the production.

The best part of Alien: Reign of Man is the special effects. The various alien creatures our team of astronauts has to fight off are beautifully designed. Ranging from imposing deadly behemoths to slimy slithery wormy things, the aliens add to the creepiness factor of the film. Sure there are moments when it’s obvious CGI. Yet, for the most part, the SFX stand up to even some of the best you see on SYFY movies. However, I do say that as a compliment.

Alien: Reign of Man

Sadly where, the film struggles the most is making sense of the overall storyline of our space team’s predicament. My biggest issue with the film is the fact that I feel out of the loop on a lot of things. Was I thrown into the middle of a trilogy and missed the first part that introduces us to this universe? Nope, this is a standalone film. Many viewers may feel the same way. There is more to this universe that I want to know about. I give credit to Price for building a pretty intriguing world to capture our interests.

In the end, if you can get over the blinding cinematography that takes you from nearly pure-white snowy exterior shots, to dark and claustrophobic cave sequences, you might just get a little fun out of this sci-fi horror adventure. However, there’s an amazingly beautiful film behind the weak narrative and clumsy acting. Alien: Reign of Man succeeds as an entertaining space romp thanks to hard work of the cast and crew.

Supchucks’ Official Grade: C-

Alien: Reign of Man Official Synopsis:

Stranded on a distant planet, a team must fight aliens and activate a machine meant to restore Earth to a time before its downfall.

Cast: Khu, Deanna Grace Congo, Torrei Hart, Justin Price, and Cameron White.

Director(s): Justin Price

Writer(s): Justin Price

Rating: Unrated (this film contains mature content including graphic violence, adult language & content, nudity, and disturbing images.)

Runtime: 85 minutes

Studio: Pikchure Zero Entertainment & Uncork’d Entertainment

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