Justin Price Alien: Reign of Man

Come Face To Face With A Deadly New Race Of Alien In Writer/Director Justin Price’s Frightening New Sci-Fi Horror


Stranded on a distant planet, a team must fight aliens and activate a machine meant to restore Earth to a time before its downfall. Deanna Grace Congo, Torrei Hart, Khu, and Cameron White star.

Here’s the film’s trailer:

We got a chance to talk with Writer/Director Justin Price about the making of Alien: Reign of Man. Check it out:

Supchucks: Alien: Reign of Man seems to encompass a little bit of everything. Was that the appeal to you, to do a movie that mixed genres?

Justin Price: Yes! Pikchure Zero Entertainment was started three years ago by me and my producing partner KHU. We have since been able to bring along great visionaries like Cameron White and Deanna Grace Congo and Lisa May, to name a few. The idea behind every film is to try and challenge ourselves. I really hate being lazy and my style is more of a fusion. I have had this since my first film “The Cloth” back before most of these terms became popular. Back then it was crazy to have priest shooting guns and housing demons beneath the church all while training with armor built from the Arc of the Covenant.  I mean we truly try and do everything to create a working universe.

In Alien: Reign of Man , we traveled to this remote location in Finland just for snow. I had never seen snow fall like that before and we threw our main actor into the fray. I’m talking it’s freezing and I have no clue if there are snow snakes or real life trolls in the woods. But we had to have the perfect look. It isn’t sci-fi and fantasy to me if we are filming in a staged location and faking green screens for the entire film.  I love doing green screen along with attempting to really go there. Don’t blue screen unknown lands, go out to the salt flats in Bolivia! It was awesome to be able to explore with my team. And that sense of wonder added to the film’s mystique.  It helps then, to put in creatures and fights and character arcs from there. It begins with creating the universe and then living in it. The movie feels lived in and that’s what I am most excited about. Sci-fi is my favorite genre and for my first film, I wanted to ensure we didn’t just do something easy, simple location and simple compositing. We condensed four years in four months when you really think about it.

Justin Price Alien: Reign of Man

Supchucks: I imagine getting to shoot in such lavish locations like you did was also appealing?

Justin Price: Where was it shot? Ireland, Greece, Finland, Iceland, and Los Angeles! The travel alone was incredibly difficult on the team. But sometimes we would stop and just admire where we were. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to make studio films without studio budgets and worry about the lack of everything but what I am glad we did was we just stopped. We inhaled and thought about how rare it was to be together creating a new planet being in places we have never been to. In Iceland, I am certain I saw God’s paintbrush at work. Everywhere we looked was like a new discovery and that appealed to my wild nature. It was worth taking the audience with us to these places. Far reaching spots on the globe.

Supchucks: Had you worked with the cast before?

Justin Price: We tend to work with people that have great energy and my casting directors Mary Smith and Angela Griffith do a great job in finding new talent. But to lead this film we needed someone with the strength and the vulnerability that KHU possesses in spades. It would be easy to get caught up in her super model looks and think there is nothing there, but to see how she attacked the physicality of the role and then the emotional turn of dealing with the loss of her mother. It was inspiring to witness her unfold Zan and lead this movie to the depths it deserved.  I enjoy seeing those moments get pulled out of cast members and this cast is filtered with great performances from Samantha Renee Parrao and Torrei Hart and Dianna Renee. I mean the amount of talent in this film is incredible.

Supchucks: Is there anything in the movie you found difficult to film?

Justin Price: What was intriguing about filming Alien Reign of Man is it was built from the ground up. We had to create a creature and implement VFX. So for the majority of the film, we had to pretend everything was happening while in some unknown location. We flew a drone in Ireland that got swooped up in the current and smashed. The ocean waves were so dangerous to film on we were the only people out there and once they came on shore we understood why. But there wasn’t a “beware” gate because these places people simply do not frequent and locals know to stay away. The scope of the film can’t be understated. It takes a lot to suit up and set the scene and then execute lines in freezing weather with 4 hours of sunlight total. Not to mention most of the locations took 4-6 hours to drive too and then unload equipment and ensure the crew was not lost, I mean it was a dangerous shoot but so worth it to get the visuals we were able to get.

Supchucks: The movie is definitely influenced by classic sci-fi. Had you been a fan of movies like Alien and The Chronicles of Riddick?

Justin Price: I am a fan of the genre so I love every film that deals with the unknown. I mean anything fantasy I am game for! When you are working with Uncork’d Entertainment it is very important that you find a way to tell your story. I believe that is what makes Alien Reign of Man so uniquely positioned to attract a large audience on August 01, 2017. It is a film that stands on its own merits. It is at its core a film about what drives us to survive. What is the galaxy and how far are we from being the creatures we sent to this unknown planet. 

Supchucks: What do you hope audiences get out of the movie?

Justin Price: I think the sense of wonderment. I wanted to delve into things that would harken back to the old school film making days. When there was a lot of practical enhanced with a new age spin of VFX. But I didn’t want those VFX to be just four people in a green screen room pretending to be cold.  I am so grateful that November 14, 2017, when Alien Reign of Man hits DVD, there will be behind the scenes specials chronicling a lot of the filmmaking journey. Audiences can get a grasp of how hard we went in the paint for this film. I just want them to maintain that sense of wonderment. It may be an indy film but we are pushing a lot of envelopes and breaking down cultural barriers with this film. If nothing else, it’s very ambitious in its scope. The themes to the casting choices, it all makes for a greatly layered piece of art. Follow me on facebook.com/justinpricex and thank you for the interview

Supchucks: Thanks Again, Justin!

ALIEN: REIGN OF MAN is out on VOD via iTunes, VUDU, and Hulu, August 1, 2017. You can get it on DVD starting November 14, 2017.

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