The Thing Board Game Infection At Outpost 31

If You’re Heading to Comic-Con Next Week, You’ll Be Able To Check Out The Prototype Board Game


John Carpenter’s sci-fi horror classic The Thing is easily one of my Top 10 favorite films of all time. Between the ageless creature effects and a mystery that flips your theories about the film’s ending with each view, how can it not be? When we first heard that a board game version of the iconic film was coming we were ecstatic. Now, leading up to San Diego Comic-Con, Mondo gives fans of The Thing a closer look at their prototype version of Infection At Outpost 31.

Check it out!

The Thing Board Game Infection At Outpost 31

In THE THING™ INFECTION AT OUTPOST 31, relive John Carpenter’s sci-fi cult classic as a hidden identity game designed to push you to the edge. Play as one of a dozen characters like helicopter pilot MacReady, mechanic Childs, or station manager Garry. Face sabotage and infection as you investigate the facility—gather gear, battle The Thing, expose any imitations among you, and escape Outpost 31!

The Thing Board Game Infection At Outpost 31

If you’re visiting San Diego Comic-Con next week make sure you stop by the Mondo Booth #835 and get yourself some exclusive Outpost 31 patches. While you’re at it, grab one for me. There’s a different color for each day:

“Become a member of crew with these officially licensed United States Antarctica Research Station patches. Available in four colors at Mondo’s San Diego Comic-Con booth (#835) – Black (Thursday), Yellow (Friday), Green (Saturday), Blue (Sunday). These are free to “The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31″ newsletter subscribers and limited to just 300 per color. Not signed up yet? Do that here!

The Thing Board Game Infection At Outpost 31

As soon as this game goes on preorder, I’ll be the first in line to buy a copy of this game. I can’t wait to relive the paranoia of the film on Game Nights with my friends. I envy those people going to SDCC this next week who’ll get a chance to play the game before anyone else.

Check out the rest of the prototype images in this gallery:

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Now You Know Whassup, Chucks!

Images via Mondo
Source: Collider

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