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Prepare Your Skin For Some Summertime Goosebumps, Zygote Is One Creepy Short From Neill Blomkamp & Oats


For the past few weeks, we’ve been delighted to see new experimental shorts from sci-fi director Neill Blomkamp and his Oats Studios team. Sadly, Oats Studios – Volume 1 wraps up today with Zygote. At least it goes out with a bang.

Check out Zygote:


I can’t believe this is it. I was just getting used to weekly sci-fi content from Blomkamp and Oats. Maybe they’ll have a few surprises like more Cooking With Bill or God: Serengeti short-shorts to release to keep us happy.

In the meantime, if you enjoyed that 20-minute short film head on over to Steam and help support the production. For only $4.99 you can purchase and download exclusive content from Zygote. A full-length movie ticket usually costs around $15, so five bucks for a short film and some awesome goodies sounds like a great deal. Furthermore, if you want Blomkamp to expand on these stories every little bit counts.

Here’s what you’d get for that $5:

  • HQ 5.1 Video File
  • HQ Stereo Video File
  • Concept Art
  • 3D Assets
  • Script

From director Neill Blomkamp, Zygote stars Dakota Fanning and Jose Pablo Cantillo.

If you’ve missed out on past shorts from Oats Studios check out these links:

So what are your thoughts on the final Oats Studios short film of Volume 1? Have you backed the project yet? Let us know in the comments below.

Now You Know Whassup, Chucks!

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