The Drama Club Joe McClean

What Happens When You Mix 20-Year-Old Friendships & A Mid-Life Crisis… The Drama Club Happens!


Now available on VOD, The Drama Club tells the story of a group of people who reunite twenty years down the track. It’s a subject writer/director Joe McClean knows all about.

Here’s the film’s official synopsis:

It’s been twenty years since they met in their high school drama club, but the teenage romances, egos, and quarrels are lying just beneath the surface waiting to prove themselves once again. Touching on topics from male/female double standards, to politics, to LGBTQ and race relations, the group grows more this weekend than in the last two decades. In a twisted maze of ex-lovers, old grudges, and new spouses, the friends are thrown down a rabbit hole of alcohol-fueled bad decisions.

Check out the film’s trailer:

We got a chance to interview director Joe McClean about The Drama Club. Check it out:

Supchucks: Was this a pet passion project you’d been flirting with for years?

The Drama Club Joe McClean

Joe McClean: I don’t flirt with much, to be honest. I get an idea and go crazy on it till it’s done or I crash and burn. The whole process for indie filmmaking is always long though. I wrote the first draft in December of 2014 and we released it on VOD in June of 2017. Two and a half years.

Supchucks: Where did you get the idea from?

Joe McClean: Half of it is knowing these people in real life. I went to high school with Barry Finnegan (Nathan), Chris Ciccarelli (Luke), and Jon Luke Thomas (Cory), and I’ve known the other actors for over a decade. The other half was the feeling of approaching mid-life crisis and looking around to evaluate where I was in the world.

Supchucks: Are any of the characters based on people you know?

Joe McClean: Yep. All of them. Then thrown in a blender to mix them up.

Supchucks: Do you have a Hitchcock-style cameo in it yourself, then?

Joe McClean: I play Mr. Kay in flashbacks, the character’s high school drama teacher. I’m on screen for less than 4 seconds.

Supchucks: Did you give the film a festival run first?

Joe McClean: We submitted to the top festivals and were not selected. After that we just went right for distribution. Our budget was so small. Justifying more festival entry fees, and then the possibility of having to travel to any of them wasn’t in the cards for us.

The Drama Club Joe McClean

Supchucks: Was the theatrical release via a distributor or is it something you organized yourself?

Joe McClean: We released it ourselves for a week in one theatre to get some press.

Supchucks: And who is doing the VOD release?

Joe McClean: Leomark Studios. They’re also doing our foreign sales and DVD.

Supchucks: Are you at work on a new project yet?

Joe McClean: Always. I’m always writing. I don’t know yet which script will be the next one I direct, but one idea is certainly taking the lead. It’s a dark story about mental health and trying to escape something from your past.

Supchucks: Thanks, Joe! We look to checking it out. Sounds intriguing. We like dark stories!


You can catch The Drama Club on VOD right now.

Now You Know Whassup, Chucks!

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Price: $9.99

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