The NBC Sitcom Is Hilarious, Even If You’ve Never Worked In Retail Before

Who knew that working at a big box retail store could be so hilarious.  That’s the setting for NBC’s Superstore.  While the work you’d expect to take place at Cloud 9, the show’s fictional mega mart, might get monotonous, the humor is far from that.  The show’s creator is a former producer for The Office, Justin Spitzer, who once again gives us a great workplace comedy. This sitcom is the funniest show NBC currently has running.

The series is led by America Ferrera and Ben Feldman.  Ferrera plays the store’s former assistant manager Amy.  She’s been an employee at the store for over a decade, her marriage is falling apart, and she hates her job.  She stepped down as assistant manager to just be an associate again because she didn’t want the responsibility of the position.

Thankfully, Feldman is there as Jonah to be the shoulder to complain on and help her get through each day.  Furthermore, he also serves as the show’s “will they or won’t they” sexual tension anchor.  While this duo is entertaining, their relationship and humorous banter aren’t what keeps you coming back for more.  That glorious achievement comes from the ensemble cast that is their co-workers.


Most noteworthy is the Cloud 9’s wheelchair bound diversity hire Garrett, played by the hilarious Colton Dunn.  Garrett is the store associate mostly in charge of making announcements over the loudspeaker.  Garrett and Jonah become fast friends.  They spend most of their days trying to prove the other wrong when it comes to the facts of life.  The other parts of the day they are trying to figure out the best way to slack off together.

Another great part of the ensemble cast is Lauren Ash as Dina.  She serves as the store’s assistant manager and gladly takes the position over when Amy steps down.  Dina is rough around the edges and takes no crap from anyone.  She wouldn’t hesitate to fire everyone in the store for incompetence.  Luckily for the rest of the employees, there’s the charming Mark McKinney as the awkward, yet kind hearted Glenn.  Glenn is the store manager who wants everyone to work for him until they die of old age.  Furthermore, he treats everyone like his own child, he just lives to be the dad of the store.


What makes this show so entertaining and funny are the down to earth employee relationships.  The conversations the coworkers have are borderline offensive and that makes them feel real.  Everyone knows that one co-worker without a filter.  This Cloud 9 has a dozen of those.  The hilarious antics the employees entail to get through the eight-hour work day are all familiar.  Whether it’s making a game out of stocking items, gossiping over the latest employee relationship rumor, or trying to do as little work as possible, it’s all hilariously relatable no matter where you work.

Season Two of Superstore checks the boxes in quite a few of the must have TV tropes.  There are the comical holiday and wedding episodes.  Additionally, there’s the bottle episode away from your everyday setting.  Furthermore, this wouldn’t be sitcom without that one episode where you think someone is leaving for good, only to stay thanks to unforeseen circumstances.  While this makes it sound like your generic sitcom, the characters, the writing, and the location make for a unique take on your typical formulaic comedy.

Some of the best moments of the show are the short “fly on the wall” scenes that are sprinkled throughout each episode. They give you a glimpse of a shopper doing something you’ve either seen someone else do at your local big box store or you’re guilty of doing it yourself.  Combine that with the relatable work experiences and the amazing ensemble cast, each with uniquely quirky characters, it’s easy to see that NBC has a huge hit on their hands.  If you’re looking for something to fill that big hole left by the end of Parks & Rec30 Rock, or The OfficeSuperstore is the answer you’re looking for.  The show will return next fall for its third season.  I recommend you catch up in the meantime.

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Superstore - Season Two

Superstore - Season Two

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