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Kaitlin Olson Stars In The FOX Sitcom Where The Sun Really Always Shines…


If you’ve watched It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia then you know Kaitlin Olson can be hilarious.  Olson brings that humor to broadcast TV with The Mick which just finished its first season last week.  While not as raunchy as It’s Always SunnyThe Mick does push the limits of what is acceptable for FOX.  It may not be as funny as her FX show, but the show proves that more of Olson is a good thing.

Olson plays Mackenzie Molng, aka Mickey. After getting fed up that her sister married rich she demands she gets her fair share and crashes her sister’s party.  However, her sister and her husband haven’t exactly been forthcoming with the government about their money and get busted for tax evasion.  Mickey is thrown into the responsibility of taking care of her sister’s three kids, Sabrina, Chip, and Ben.  The impetuous Mickey is now the legal guardian for three affluent brats.

The Mick immediately clashes with the oldest, Sabrina, played by Sofia Black-D’Elia.  Sabrina is at the age where she obviously knows what’s best for everyone.  Most teenagers do, right?  Not that Mickey is any better at deciding what is best for the family.  Throughout the season Sabrina and Mickey clash on many topics, but the two also bond over shared experiences.  Mickey has been around the block a few times.  While she might not set the best example, she knows what not to do at this point in her life.

The Mick

Sabrina’s two young brothers, Chip and Ben, are the ones Mickey really has to worry about.  Thomas Barbusca plays Chip and he’s perfectly suited to play the entitlement-plagued teenager.  There’s just something about the ginger and his personality that makes every moment with him hilarious.  Whether he’s messing around at the country club or getting box seats to the ball game, Barbusca plays the rich kid well.

On the other hand, there’s Ben.  This kid is a psycho in the making.  Jack Stanton plays the adorable and innocent problem child perfectly.  The Mick may not be responsible for how is he is when she takes over guardianship, but her influence isn’t exactly helping either.  Most of the funniest instances of the show feature Ben.  Whether he’s having an allergic reaction, dressing like a girl to go to the all-girl boarding school, or watching highly inappropriate movies, in every scene Staton steals the show.  My personal favorite episode features Ben telling his family about his assumed imaginary friend Omicron.  That one had me in stitches.

The Mick

Luckily for The Mick, she has the help of the housekeeper Alba to try and keep the kids from burning the house down.  Carla Jimenez is a gem as Alba.  The feisty latino has experience with the kids where Mickey does not.  This helps from time to time, especially with Ben.  Furthermore, Scott MacArthur as Jimmy, Mickey’s obsessed friend with benefits helps out with the kids whenever he can (or is allowed to).  However, most of the time Jimmy just gets himself into trouble and Chip or Sabrina have to bail him out.

It might be easy to classify this sitcom as your typical dysfunctional family comedy.  Yet, there’s something special about The Mick.  Kaitlin Olson charm and personality is definitely a big part of it.  However, another great aspect of the show is the young child actors that play the kids.  All three are believable, hilarious, and, when it counts, endearing.  It’s not very often a show finds three great young actors that can really carry the show when given the opportunity.

The comedy returns to FOX for its second season next Winter.  If you’ve slept on the first season do what you can to catch up before then.  If you like comedies this is one of the best on Network TV at the moment.

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The Mick - Season One

The Mick - Season One

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    • Kaitlin Olson is Hilarious
    • Great Young Actors
    • Carla Jimenez is a Gem
    • Pushes the Limits of Broadcast TV


    • Can Get A Little Predictable
    • Some Cliché Storylines

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