The New MST3K Season Hits Friday, Here Are Four Episodes To Watch To Get Yourself Ready


The revival season of the cult classic television series Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3k) is nearly here!  In just four days everyone with a Netflix subscription will have movie sign.  I got a chance to watch the first episode of the new season early and I can tell you that you are all in for a treat.  Check out my review over here.

Now, to get you ready for the new season I narrowed down four episodes for you to watch over the next four days.  That’s one for each night until the Friday premiere.  Whether you are new to the series or a long time fan, these four episodes should give you the proper preparation for what’s to come in the eleventh season of MST3K.

You can watch all of these on Netflix right now.



MST3K Season 10 – Episode 04 – ‘Future War’

Original Air Date: April 25, 1999  –  Host: Mike
Fan Rank: #39

Since the first episode of season eleven features amazing monster effects from the 1960s, what better way to bridge the gap than with an episode from season ten with equally amazing monster effects from the 1990s!  Future War tells the story of a race of time-travelling alien ‘masters’ who kidnap humans from Earth’s future to use as slaves.   They also take dinosaurs from  Earth’s past to use as trackers for those slaves who escape.  How was this plot not thought up before 1994?  It’s brilliant!

Daniel Bernhardt, the really, really, really poor man’s Jean-Claude Van Damme, stars as The Runaway.  Additionally, MST3K favorite Robert Z’dar plays the bad guy in this one.  You can also catch him in Soultaker with Joe Estevez.  With some great host segments, including Tom Servo getting some legs so he can kickbox and a visit from Droppy the Water Droplet, this episode should give everything you need to get ready for the new season.

Favorite Riff: “Wow, he’s got the longest butt crack I’ve ever seen” ~Crow



MST3K Season 04 – Episode 02 – ‘The Giant Gila Monster’

Original Air Date: June 13, 1992  –  Host: Joel
Fan Rank: #43

Season eleven’s first episode features Reptilicus, a giant lizard monster movie that was released in 1961.  The Giant Gila Monster was released in 1959.  Watching these movies back to back should be a great history lesson on how far special effects in film advance in two years.  Other than the addition of color, I actually think the film Reptilicus was a major step back.  You be the judge.

The Giant Gila Monster is about a giant 30-foot lizard that terrorizes a rural Texas community.  A heroic teenager, who apparently can sing, takes it upon himself to try and destroy the creature.  This episode features an introduction from Frank who sadly breaks the news that Dr. Forrester is dead and a great host segment, ‘Servo on Cinema’, where Tom looks back on Ray Kellogg’s directorial style.

Favorite Riff: “Would you forget the skidmarks!” ~ Joel and the bots



MST3K Season 04 – Episode 24 – ‘”Manos” The Hands of Fate’

Original Air Date: January, 30 1993  –  Host: Joel
Fan Rank: #1

“Manos” The Hands of Fate tells the story of a family who gets lost on the road before stumbling upon a rundown home.  Little do they know this home hides an underground, devil-worshipping cult led by the evil Master and his servant Torgo.  This list wouldn’t be complete without including the fans favorite episode of MST3K!  The episode also includes the second part of the short Hired! from Chevrolet.  You aren’t missing anything by not seeing the first part, trust me.

This film is by far one of the worst films Joel and the bots ever had to sit through.  However, thanks to their witty banter and a visit from Torgo himself, they somehow turn this disastrous film into a cult classic.  The fans voted this the #1 episode of all time so you have to check it out if you’ve never seen it.  This episode is the epitome of MST3K.

Favorite Riff: “No, wait.  Did this movie just lap itself?” ~ Tom Servo



MST3K Season 09 – Episode 03- ‘Puma Man’

Original Air Date: April 4, 1998  –  Host: Mike
Fan Rank: #6

Puma Man is personally my all-time favorite episode of MST3K.  The film is about a young man who receives a mystical medallion by an Aztec shaman.  This medallion gives him the super powers of a puma so that he can defeat evil.  You know the famous puma super powers of flight and teleportation, right?  Yeah, this movie makes no sense and is exactly why it’s my favorite.

The film features a horribly great performance by the iconic Donald Pleasence. (Ah… Pyu-mamen!)  This is one of the few MST3K episodes my wife likes to quote, an achievement in itself.  The episode features some great host segments including one with the nanites and some funky hairdos.  I probably watched this episode every time it aired on the SciFi channel during the show’s original run.  When the DVD box set featuring this episode was first announced, I preordered it day one.  I love this episode.  I hope you do too!

Favorite Riff: “Puma Man, he flies like a moron” ~ Crow (singing)


So there you go.  The rest of your week for entertainment is set.  Who cares if Better Call Saul returns tonight or there’s Star Wars Celebration in a couple days.  Go watch these episodes and prepare yourself for the greatness that will be Mystery Science Theater 3000’s eleventh season!

“We’ve Got Movie Sign!”

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