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We’re taking a break from streaming Power Rangers over on TwitchPresents to bring you our Top 10 Greatest Power Ranger Villains of All-Time!  As you get ready for latest Power Rangers feature film to hit theaters this Friday, we thought we’d look back at the best, or worst, foes the Rangers ever faced.

So take a look at our list and tell us what you think.  Go! Go! Power Rangers!


#10 – Ivan Ooze – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie


Ivan Ooze never gets enough love.  He’s the first big screen villain the Rangers ever faced.  Played by Paul Freeman, Ivan has inspired some of Hollywood’s greatest bad guys, like Apocalypse from X-Men: Apocalypse…

Ooze “ruled the world with a reign of unparalleled terror” according to Zordon.  Once freed from his hyper lock chamber prison, Ivan quickly dispatches of Zedd and Rita.  Then, he storms the Command Center attacking Alpha-5 and Zordon and demolishes the center destroying the Rangers power source.

The Rangers are only able to defeat Ooze thanks to a passing comet and Aisha pushing the big red button to kick him right in the Chucklets.  Without using extreme measures and a celestial body passing by, Ooze might still reign over the world.

#09 – Astronema – Power Rangers In Space


Whether Astronema has purple hair, blue hair, or red hair and cybernetic implants, she’s a tough foe for the Rangers.  Before converting to evil, she was Karone, the sister of the Red Space Ranger Andro.  Played by Melody Perkins, Astronema was one of the smartest bosses the Rangers ever faced.  She is the first and only villain to attack a Megazord while it’s transforming, something the other villains should take note of.

One of Astronema’s greatest moments as a villain is creating the Psycho Rangers.  Perhaps some of the strongest minions any Power Rangers‘ boss ever used.  The longest lasting group of Evil Rangers to ever exist, it took the Power Rangers quite a few episodes to get the best of Astronema’s creations.

The Queen of Evil fought the Rangers for 43 episodes before she was finally defeated and saved from her evil brainwashing.  Transformed back into Karone thanks to her brother Andros, she was able to redeem herself and defeat her own inner demons and find peace.

#08 – Goldar – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Power Rangers in Space


Goldar is easily the Power Rangers greatest henchman.  Played by Kerrigan Mahan, the golden armored warrior tormented the Rangers for over 160 episodes.  A spineless yet loyal servant of whoever was the most powerful boss at the time, Goldar was never afraid to go one on one with a Ranger or their Zords.

Goldar was a constant rival for the leaders of the Original Rangers, from Jason to Tommy.  He even had his own Zord, Cyclopsis and was only destroyed by the Rangers with the help of the Ultrazord, Titanus.  Goldar was even able to lay waste to the Rangers Command center in Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers, stealing the ZEO crystal and destroying the Ninja Power Coins.  The Rangers looked to be defeated for good!

While he was never the head honcho, Goldar was capable henchman that constantly annoyed the Rangers at every turn.  When Rita or Zedd’s monsters weren’t strong enough, Goldar was never afraid to step in to bring down the Rangers.  He almost succeeded a couple of times as well.

Goldar returns to the big screen in the new film and looks tougher than ever!


#07 – Rita Repulsa – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Mystic Force


The original villain to attempt to destroy the Rangers, Zordon, and Angel Grove.  Rita started it all after being freed from her space dumpster and retaking control of her moon base.  Played originally by Machiko Soga who passed the role on to Carla Perez before taking it back in the end.

Rita and her Putty Patrollers were a constant annoyance for the Rangers.  One of her greatest feats as a villain was creating her own Evil Power Ranger, the Original Green Ranger.  Using the brainwashed Tommy and his strong skills in martial arts, she almost defeated the Rangers with her scheme.

Rita would end up marrying Lord Zedd in the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and at that point playing second fiddle to the new big boss.  After being cleansed of her evil by Zordon, she became the Mystic Mother.  She used her stronger powers in good magic to often help the Rangers defeat evil.

Elizabeth Banks plays the new Rita, the main Antagonist in the new film.


#06 – Diabolico – Power Rangers Lightspeed RescueVillains

Diabolico has one of the coolest designs of all villains and he’s pretty strong as well.  A demon granted the Star Power by Queen Bansheera, he is the first of her minions to attack the Rangers.  Neil Kaplan plays the winged, golden demon.

Over his 27 episodes of destruction, Diabolico had many great victories against the Rangers.  Some of the best battles against Zords feature Diabolico and his demon henchmen.  He was even able to destroy a Megazord!  Using his Star Power he blew a hole through the Supertrain Megazord.  Furthermore, he had his own Evil Ranger for a time with the Titanium Ranger.  He was only defeated when that Evil Ranger turned against him and combined with the Lightspeed team to create a new Megazord, the Lightspeed Solarzord.

However, this wasn’t the ultimate end for Diabolico, he’s later resurrected to once again fight the Rangers and even take down more Megazords.  It is only with the power of a new stronger Megazord, the Lifeforce Megazord are the Rangers finally able to defeat him for good.

#05 – The Green Ranger – Mighty Morphin Power RangersVillains

Jason David Frank portrays Tommy Oliver, easily the greatest Power Ranger of all-time.  However, before he could fight beside the Power Rangers for good, he was under the control of Rita Repulsa.  One of the greatest multi-episode arcs of the first season was the five-part  ‘Green with Evil’ saga that introduces us to Tommy.  He was the first evil Ranger ever.  With his superior fighting abilities and the powerful Dragonzord at his command, the Green Ranger was almost too much for the Rangers to defeat.

Unfortunately for Rita, Jason is able to break her spell controlling Tommy and turn him to the light side.  Tommy would join the team and soon become the leader of the Power Rangers after Jason leaves for the World Summit.  Eventually, the power of the Green Ranger is depleted and Tommy becomes the first-ever White Ranger, but this wouldn’t be the last we see of the Green Ranger.

Rita and Lord Zedd were able to create a clone of Tommy and another Evil Green Ranger.  Tommy, as the White Ranger, fights the evil version of himself and is able to free his clone from the spell he is under.  The Saga of the Green Ranger finally comes to an end.  Tommy would continue a long, decorated, and legendary career as a Power Ranger.

#04 – Divatox – Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie to In SpaceVillains

Unlike Ivan Ooze, this feature film villain wasn’t a one and done opponent.  Played by Hilary Shepard Turner, Divatox is an intergalactic pirate queen traveling the universe with her crew monsters, mutants, and aliens conquering planet after planet.  Her first ever evil plan was kidnapping Jason and Kimberly of the original team and sacrificing them to the demon Maligore.  Her plan was thwarted and she forever vowed revenge on the Rangers.

Furthermore, Divatox continuously annoyed the Rangers over 50 episodes after the Turbo film.  Bent on destroying them for good, she traveled to Earth with her crew.  She discovered the secret identities of the Rangers and did her best to try and destroy their personal lives, including crashing their graduation ceremony.  Using her most powerful monster Goldgoyle she was able to destroy the Turbo and Rescue Megazords.

Finally, it looked like she was able to defeat the Power Rangers for good.  Finding the Power Chamber she sends her army of minions to destroy it and is successful.  But before she can finish off the Rangers she is called back by Dark Spector to the Cimmerian Planet, as he has captured Zordon.  The Monarch of Evil would soon retire her for Astronema despite her apparent successes.  If Divatox was allowed to continue to pursue her revenge for the Power Rangers, she might have defeated them for good.

#03 – Ransik – Power Rangers Time ForceVillain

The criminal mutant from the future, Ransik travels back in time to conquer Earth before the Power Rangers Time Force existed.  Created by a chemical accident, the mutant villain became evil after society shunned him and forced him into a life of crime.  Played by Vernon Wells, he is a powerful villain with awesome strength and many powers.  He even kills the Red Ranger in one single blow before escaping back into the past to destroy the Rangers before they can defeat him in the year 3000.

The crimelord is intimidating throughout his 41 episode reign of terror.  He’s one of the handful of bosses that wasn’t a bumbling fool.  Calm, cold, and calculating, the mutant was a mastermind at staying one step ahead of the Rangers.  This is one guy you didn’t want to mess with.

Additionally, Ransik is one of the few villains the Power Rangers were never successful at defeating.  In his final battle, the mutant singlehandedly defeats all the Rangers of the Time force. He only turns himself in after realizing his evil ways almost cost him the life of his daughter, Nadira.  He is also the only villain to team-up with the Rangers in the following season that wasn’t purified in the past when Zordon cleansed the universe of evil through his sacrificial death.

#02 – Octomus aka The Master – Power Rangers Mystic ForceVillains

Octomus, or simply The Master, is the Supreme Master of the Underworld and the true leader of the forces of darkness.  This guy is the big bad guy of the Power Rangers universe.  While Ransik had some redeeming qualities and a sense of humor, Octomus has none.  Played by John Leigh, he also has one of the coolest designs of all the villains throughout his many forms.  From the Lovecraftian demon octopus form to his final winged demon form, The Master is a fearful opponent for the Rangers.

For 30 episodes the Mystic Force fought this ultimate incarnation of evil.  His greatest feat was defeating Rita Repulsa’s good form, The Mystic Mother and destroying the source of all good magic.  He would then begin his assault on the Rangers destroying their Manticore Megazord.  It finally looks like the Rangers have met ther match… Again!

Finally, the Rangers were only able to destroy The Master after tricking him into absorbing their good magic.  Failing to anticipate the overwhelming amount of magic the Rangers possessed the Master overloaded himself.  This would destroy The Master and save the universe.

#01 – Lord Zedd – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to In SpaceVillains

When it comes to the greatest Power Ranger villain of all time, it has to be the American creating Lord Zed.  Played by Ed Neil and voiced by Robert Axelrod, he is the first boss with no link to the Japanese Sentai series.  Terrifying children from his first appearance on the second season of Mighty Morphin, Fox Kids actually had to tone him down a bit at the request of parents.

With the ability to create monsters out of thin air with the power of his Z-staff, Zedd proved he was stronger than Rita and sent her away.  His red muscular body looks as if he lacks skin under his silver plated thong armor.  His silver mask and red visor hide his expression but his voice tells you he is always angry and evil.  The top of his head looks like his brain exposed, disgusting for a kids show.

Zedd assaulted the Rangers over and over again throughout his 117 episodes of the series.  The Emperor of Evil became stronger after marrying Rita and tougher for the Rangers to defeat.  Zedd was even able to stand toe to toe in single combat against Tommy, the greatest Power Ranger of all time, which should tell you how strong he is.

We don’t yet know if Lord Zedd will appear in the new Power Rangers film.  My own personal theory is he will show up in the stinger after the credits, teasing him as the feature villain of the sequel.  If we are lucky enough to get a sequel, that is.

It’s Morphin Time!

That does it for our look back over the years and ranking the greatest villains the Power Rangers ever faced.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.  Did we miss a great villain?  Did we rank someone too high?  It’s all subjective of course, but this is our list.

You can catch the new Power Rangers feature film in theaters March 24, 2017.

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