Netflix’s ‘Godzilla’ Anime Movie Gets An Awesome New Poster

Godzilla Anime Poster

With This New Godzilla Poster, We Get an Idea of the Design for the King of the Monsters   Since the announcement of a Godzilla anime movie coming to Netflix, fans of the Kaiju have been wondering what the big guy would look like. With the release of a new poster today from the official website, that sense of wonder is gone. It looks like the anime King of the Monsters will resemble what he looked like in the 2014 Legendary film. Check out this poster: Furthermore, today’s news release reveals the official release date of the film. Godzilla: Monster Planet will hit Netflix […]

Live-Action ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Series Begins Development

Cowboy Bebop

The Popular Sci-Fi Anime Series Will Be The Latest Hollywood Live-Action Adaptation   According to Deadline, a live-action adaptation TV series of the cult classic anime series Cowboy Bebop is under development. Tomorrow Studios and Midnight Radio are the two studios teaming up with the Japanese studio Sunrise that made the original series to bring the anime to life in the States. The best news about the project is the fact that Chris Yost is writing the scripts. He’s best known for writing both Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok. If you’re not familiar with Cowboy Bebop, you’re missing out. The […]

The ‘Castlevania’ Anime Series Hits Netflix This July

Castlevania Netflix

Prepare Your Nostalgia Feels, the Nintendo Classic Gets the Netflix Anime Treatment…   My thumbs are aching just hearing this news and watching the trailer. Soon you’ll be able to get your Castlevania fix without having to blow the dust off your old cartridge. Netflix is bringing the classic Nintendo game to life as a new animated series. The first part of Season One hits Netflix on July 7, 2017. Check out this trailer:   This cartoon is definitely not for kids. Some great artists are working on this series. The animation looks dark and beautiful, with plenty of bloody action. […]

Looking Back 10 Years Ago: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann Simon

This Year Marks the 10th Anniversary of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann To be more precise, April 1 of this year was the anniversary for Gurren Lagann. Better late than never! I personally did not become aware of Gurren Lagann until roughly 7 years ago. It was during a time in my life that I was just kind of mulling around… I had just recently got back into watching anime after an almost 15-year hiatus (don’t judge) and stumbled across this colorful looking anime on Netflix. For me initially, the art style was not exactly attractive, I was a more accustomed to slightly […]

Take a Look: Beast King GoLion, the Original Voltron

Beast King Golion Voltron

Are You Feeling the Nostalgia? Check Out Beast King GoLion, the Original Voltron… Due to the recent success of the Voltron: Legendary Defender on Netflix, viewers may be curious about its origins. The 80’s version of Voltron was an amalgamation of two anime series. Beast King GoLion was one of them. If you enjoy the new series, it might be worth looking into the original. Beast King GoLion originally aired its 52 episodes in Japan during the spring broadcast season of 1981. Here is a synopsis of the series courtesy of ANN. “Golion, a powerful sentient robot, abuses his great powers by […]

New ‘Ghost In The Shell’ Anime Coming Soon

Ghost in the Shell

Are The Producers Trying To Redeem The Franchise After The Disappointing Film…   According to The Hollywood Reporter, Japanese publisher Kodansha and Production I.G are working on a new animated project in the Ghost in the Shell franchise.  After a disappointing opening weekend at the box office for the Hollywood live-action adaptation, perhaps this is a case of redemption for the Japanese creators of the original film.  The film starring Scarlett Johansson didn’t even break $20 million in its first weekend in theaters. No indication yet whether this will be a stand-alone anime film or a new television series.  The original 1995 anime […]

Movie Review: ‘Ghost in the Shell’ (2017)

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We Review Scarlett Johansson as Major in this Adaptation of the Iconic Anime Film   Review: Hollywood has a long storied history of making unsuccessful adaptations of Japanese anime.  From Dragon Ball to Speed Racer, filmmakers have been trying their best, or in the case of Dragon Ball their worst, to recapture lightning a bottle.  The same lightning that Japanese artists, who came up with original stories, successfully accomplished before them.  With Ghost in the Shell, it seems director Rupert Sanders has finally caught that lightning that director Mamoru Oshii bottled in 1995, with the first Ghost in the Shell anime. […]

The Five Worst Hollywood Anime Adaptations


We Hope One Day This List Won’t Include The New ‘Ghost in The Shell’   With Ghost in the Shell hitting theaters this weekend, we’d thought we’d take a look back at the horribly awful live-action adaptations of classic Japanese animes.  Based on the reviews of ‘Ghost in the Shell’, it looks like fans will finally see a faithful and entertaining retelling that lives up to the classic anime film’s standards.  Hopefully, the new film will lead to further successful adaptations of other iconic animes like Akira, Cowboy Bebop, and Evangelion.  Ones you won’t ever find on a list like […]

Godzilla Anime Has A Title & Release Date

Godzilla Anime

Toho also releases an awesome poster for the anime.  Still no sight of Godzilla…   Recently, we wrote about the new Godzilla anime coming to Netflix sometime this year.  Crunchyroll is reporting more updates on the animated film today.  The film’s official title is Godzilla: Monster Planet and it will release in Japanese movie theaters in November. The story synopsis gives a few details about the story.  20,000 years in the future, Haruo returns to Earth after humans abandoned the planet after the rise of the giant monsters or Kaiju.  In 2048, the last humans left the planet on an interstellar […]

Toho’s New Godzilla Anime Coming Exclusively To Netflix

Godzilla Anime

Netflix Will Distribute The New Godzilla Animated Movie Worldwide This Summer…   Earlier today, Netflix Japan’s official twitter account announced that Netflix will exclusively distribute the upcoming animated Godzilla feature film.  Produced by Toho Animation and Polygon Pictures, the film, simply titled GODZILLA, will release sometime this summer.  Initial release date is tentatively scheduled for July 2017. Check out the awesome poster celebrating the partnership: With this news giant monster and anime fans alike are rejoicing.  The best part is fans outside of Japan won’t have to wait longer than normal for the film to reach audiences overseas.  Usually fans outside of […]