Best Games to Play at Your Next Summer BBQ

BBQ Board Games

BBQ, Drinks, Friends, and Games Summer is here and now it’s time to fire up the BBQ and invite some friends over. What else do you need besides some good food and drinks? How about a tabletop game to get everyone laughing and talking. I will give you my top five group games to bust out at your next Summer BBQ that everyone can participate in. All of these games have simple rules that are quick to learn and contain several short rounds to keep things moving. These games are also best played in a large group. So check it […]

Sony Defends Decision to Block Crossplay Between PS4, XBox One & Switch

Minecraft Crossplay

The Decision Mainly Revolves Around Minecraft & Their Crossplay Patch Coming This Fall   One of the biggest reveals at E3 2017 happened during Microsoft’s conference presentation. This fall, a major update is hitting best-selling game Minecraft that will allow gamers to finally play with each other. Whether you have an Xbox One, a Nintendo Switch, an iPhone, or you play on PC, you’ll be able to play with friends and build tons of blocky projects. However, if you have a PS4, you’re left out in the cold. Sony decided to take their ball and go home rather than share […]

E3 2017: Nintendo Conference Roundup

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Conference E3 2017

It May Have Been the Shortest Presentation but It’s Nintendo So We Still Love Everything!   With E3 2017 officially open to the fans, the Nintendo conference presentation wraps up the major company showcases. While this may have been the shortest presentation of the convention, some of the announcements alone are enough to build the hype. We’ve got more Mario coming, more Zelda, and old favorites like Yoshi and Kirby. Check it out! Yoshi Coming 2018 to the Nintendo Switch, Yoshi is a new action platforming game similar to the classic Mario games everyone is used to. Only in this game you […]

E3 2017: Sony Conference Roundup

Sony Conference Spider-Man

Sony May Not Have An Upgraded Console But Their Exclusives Look Awesome   Wrapping up Monday at E3 2017, the Sony Conference presentation showed off a bunch of new exclusives coming to the PS4. Including some familiar IPs and some new adventures and stories to tell. From another Uncharted experience in the jungles of India to the concrete jungle of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Sony has plenty of games coming soon to keep their fans busy. Check it out!   Destiny 2   The Massively Multiplayer Online Game First Person Shooter Destiny gets a sequel. Hopefully, this time around Bungie and Activision can […]

E3 2017: Ubisoft Conference Roundup

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Ubisoft Conference

Ubisoft Reveals Some Highly Anticipated Games & Unites Rabbids with Mario   Monday afternoon, Ubisoft took center stage with an action packed hour of game reveals. This Ubisoft conference is our favorite yet of E3 2017. Mario makes an appearance outside of Nintendo’s presentation, the kids of South Park prepare another adventure, and we’ve got pirates! More pirates! Not to mention a sequel fifteen years in the making… Check it out!   Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle   What happens when you infest the Mushroom Kingdom of Mario with the crazy bunnies from Rabbids? A tactical turn-based RPG adventure. Mario + […]

E3 2017: Bethesda Conference Roundup

Bethesda Wolfenstein II

Bethesda Shows Off VR & New Chapters in Some Iconic Franchises…   Sunday night, Bethesda wrapped up the early conferences with a short presentation featuring some of their new titles. Unfortunately, there are no new IPs to announce. However, that means the games we are seeing are a new addition to familiar worlds. While some titles are what you expect to see from a developer like Bethesda, there were definitely some big surprises… Check it out!   Doom VFR   Take a trip to hell in Virtual Reality with Doom VFR. I’m going to guess the “F” stands for fuckin… So […]

E3 2017: Microsoft Conference Roundup

Microsoft Xbox One X

Microsoft Unveils an Upgraded XBox One & Plenty of Exclusives… Sunday afternoon, Microsoft took the stage to reveal their highly anticipated Project Scorpio. To go along with that announcement the tech conglomerate announces a bunch of new exclusives that are only coming to X-Box One or at least you’ll be able to play them first on Microsoft’s console. From the railways of Minecraft to the high Seas of Thieves, here are our most hyped up titles from Microsoft’s presentation. Check it out!   Xbox One X   The Xbox One X launches on November 7, 2017 and features an 8-core processor, […]

E3 2017: Electronic Arts Conference Roundup

EA Conference

Electronic Arts Kicks Off E3 with a Few Surprises & Solid Mainstays.   Saturday, Electronic Arts kicked off the festivities in Los Angeles for the 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo, aka E3. The video game publishing juggernaut gave fans some inside looks to their biggest releases hitting stores in the near future. From the gridiron in Madden NFL Football 2018 to “A Galaxy Far, Far Away”, we’ve got some trailers highlighting our favorite new games coming from EA. Check it out! Madden 18   For the first time ever, EA Sports will include a cinematic and playable story mode as the […]

Game Review: ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ (PC)

Friday the 13th: The Game Jason

Surviving Jason’s Murderous Wrath (or Performing It) Has Never Been More Fun…   “Ki Ki Ki, Ma Ma Ma…” The haunting tune echoes through your ears as you frantically search the desk drawers of your summer camp cabin for something. Anything, to help you survive the murderous onslaught that threatens your very existence. Empty again. Then you notice out of the corner of your eye, a red gas can. You scramble to grab the fuel. However, now you must decide. Do you use this gas to fill up the car or the boat? The car could possibly get you and […]

Checkout These Big Name Tabletop Games On Kickstarter Right Now!

Zombicide Kickstarter

Some Big Names in Tabletop Games are Hitting Kickstarter this Week!   If you have been paying attention to the Tabletop Games on Kickstarter for the past few months then you’ve probably had the same lackluster feeling as me. Not only have there been a huge number of projects failing to reach their pledge goal, but those that did hit goal did so at the last minute. With the few exceptions of miniature packs, E5 role-playing quest books, and reboots of games previously released. However, the last couple of days have been exciting and I’m sure you agree. Finally, if […]