Comic-Con 2017: Extended ‘Justice League’ Trailer Gives Us Hope

Justice League Hope

After The Success Of Wonder Woman Things Are Looking Brighter For The DCEU… This Justice League Trailer Extends That Hope!   While Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has been fairly controversy free, The DC Extended Universe has seen plenty of adversity. The last week added to that as well. While rumors swirled that Ben Affleck was walking away from the role of Batman after Justice League, things were starting to look even more dire for the comic book film franchise. Thankfully, the success of Wonder Woman this summer and Affleck reassuring fans this weekend that he’s all in as The Batman gives fans […]

Comic-Con 2017: New ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Trailer Unleashes An Epic Team-Up

Thor: Ragnarok, Epic Team-Up

There’s Plenty Of Action & Laughs To Go Around For Everyone On Team Thor   There were two big key players missing from Captain America: Civil War. Thor and Hulk. The latest trailer for Thor: Ragnarok gives us the hint that we might finally learn why these two heroes didn’t show up to pick a side. From the looks of it, they were having their own epic team-up Here’s the film’s official synopsis: In Marvel Studios’ “Thor: Ragnarok,” Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe without his mighty hammer and finds himself in a race against time to […]

Comic-Con 2017: Spielberg’s ‘Ready Player One’ Oozes With Nostalgia

Ready Player One, Steven Spielberg

Who Better To Direct A Film About The Greatness Of The 1980’s Than The Decades Greatest Director Steven Spielberg…   Everyone knows that growing up as a kid in the 1980s was the best thing ever. At least I do, so I’m counting that as everyone. Ernest Cline’s novel Ready Player One is all about paying homage to the pop culture icons of the greatest decade. This year at Comic-Con, Steven Spielberg revealed the first trailer for his film adaptation of the book. The trailer oozes with nostalgia, as Tye Sheridan plays Wade Watts whose favorite heroes all made their mark […]

Movie Review: ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets ‘ (2017)

Valerian Luc Besson

Luc Besson Brings Us Another Colorful Sci-Fi Adventure, If Only The Story Had As Much Meat As The Title…   There’s one thing Luc Besson is great at. Creating dazzling visuals, especially when it comes to science fiction.  The writer/director’s signature movies of that drama Lucy and The Fifth Element are two beautifully shot films. The latter of those two being a masterpiece of sci-fi story telling. When it comes to Besson’s latest futuristic adventure, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is closer to Lucy than The Fifth Element. While the world building and dazzling visuals Besson can create are loaded to […]

Movie Review: ‘Dunkirk’ (2017)

Dunkirk Christopher Nolan Tom Hardy

Director Christopher Nolan Brings Us The Shortest War Epic Ever From magical acts to super hero movies to interstellar space travel, director Christopher Nolan has tackled nearly every genre with skill and ease. Now he sets his targets on the epic war genre. Oddly enough, Nolan delivers one of his shortest films to date with Dunkirk. Yet, that’s all the time the director needs to provide a stunning glimpse into the horror of war. What he delivers is a suspense filled story of survival rolled into a tight package that never lets you catch your breath. Taking place over the […]

Officer Will Smith Partners Up With An Orc In The First Trailer For ‘Bright’

Bright Netflix Will Smith Orc Joel Edgerton

Will Smith Gets A New Partner In A Modern World Full Of Fantasy Creatures   The first trailer for the Netflix Original Film Bright reveals a really weird idea. No, not Will Smith playing a beat cop. Will Smith playing a beat cop who gets a new partner who just so happens to be an Orc. You know the bad guys from The Lord of the Rings. In this film mystical creatures like Orcs, Elves, and Fairies are real. They live among us, and Smith’s Officer Ward gets to partner up with his department’s first “diversity hire”. You had me at […]

John Boyega Wants You To Join The Jaeger Uprising In This Pacific Rim Teaser

John Boyega Jaeger Uprising Pacific Rim Uprising

This Teaser Looks Like An In Universe Recruitment Video To Be A Jaeger Pilot & Your Best Self   While Pacific Rim: Uprising may no longer have Guillermo del Toro attached and the original film’s star Charlie Hunnam returning, having John Boyega lead the film is almost enough to make up for it. In the first teaser for the sequel, Boyega does his best Uncle Sam impression and urges people to join the Jaeger Uprising. It’s an in-universe viral recruitment video! Check it out:   This almost feels like an intro video to a giant robot fighting game. There also […]

‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Gets A Shiny New Red-Band Trailer

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

This Coming To America Story Looks Full Of Exciting Action & Cowboy Hats   Ten-gallon hats, umbrella machine guns, and American flag parachutes. Sounds like a spy movie to me. The new trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle brings the hype for the second chapter in Eggsy’s adventures as a secret service agent. Here’s the film’s official synopsis: Kingsman: The Secret Service introduced the world to Kingsman – an independent, international intelligence agency operating at the highest level of discretion, whose ultimate goal is to keep the world safe. In “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” our heroes face a new challenge. When their headquarters […]

Prepare Yourselves For Another ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

There May Already Be A Dozen Renditions Of This Story, But What’s One More…?   My first experience with the Invasion of the Body Snatchers story came in high school. The Faculty was one of the first R-Rated movies I remember going to alone with my friends. While not a complete remake of the original story from Jack Finney’s 1954 sci-fi novel, it obviously takes inspiration from the book. I didn’t see the most masterful telling of that story until a few years later. That’s the 1978 film version starring Donald Sutherland, Brooke Adams, Leonard Nimoy, Jeff Goldblum, and Veronica Cartwright. Such a great film. […]

It’s Alexandra Daddario vs Kate Upton In ‘The Layover’

The Layover Alexandra Daddario Kate Upton

Alexandra Daddario & Kate Upton In The Same Movie? Sign Me Up!   We all know William H. Macy is shameless, but directing a cat fight film? That’s a new one on me. Yet, after watching the trailer, I’ve got to say, thanks, Mr. Macy. This looks like a lot of fun. It doesn’t help that Alexandra Daddario and Kate Upton are the women locked in a mortal battle for a man’s affection. Here’s the film’s synopsis: Lifelong best friends decide to avoid their problems by taking a vacation only to find that their plane has been rerouted due to […]