Supchucks Presents Time Capsule: Ep. 7 – I’ll Be Your Daddy


Supchucks Presents Time Capsule! A Weekly Podcast For Your Entertainment…


Each week, Eric, Kayla, and occasionally some friends will open various different Time Capsules from the past.

This Week’s Episode: I’ll Be Your Daddy

  • TV: 1985 WWF: Saturday Night’s Main Event
  • Video Games: 2015 – Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes(PS Vita)
  • Film: 2003 – Daddy Daycare
  • Music: 2000 – Music From Or Inspired By ‘Mission: Impossible 2’

Our concept: we open a Time Capsule from different years in four categories: TV, Film, Video Games, and Music.  Whatever saw a release date, a premiere, or a finale this week back in the random years our computers select, we will give you a little history on the title, give a little commentary, and try our best to entertain you.

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